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Swimming Pool FAQ's

How should I select my Pool Contractor?

Interview your prospective pool builder & ask for references of completed projects. What is their reputation in the community? What is their reputation with your local Better Business Bureau? At Hallmark Pools and Spas, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality skilled craftsmen using only the best in materials and equipment so as to provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment in your pool.

How much can I expect to pay for a pool?

There are many factors other than size that determine the cost of a pool. The most visible factors are: site conditions such as access & additional pool features such as adding a spa, waterfall or special decking. However, there are important factors to consider that aren't visible on a pool proposal. If quality craftsmanship, top-notch materials & equipment, customer service are important to you, then Hallmark Pools and Spas should be your contractor. We pride ourselves in providing the best in pool construction services for the Houston & surrounding areas.

How long does does it take to build a pool?

Most pools take approximately 4 - 6 weeks to complete. At times; however, schedules are delayed due to rain, inspections by city inspectors, & unavailability of specially ordered items for your custom designed pool. However; unlike most Pool Builders, Hallmark Pools and Spas guarantees your new swimming pool will be completed "On-Time". Please refer to our "On-Time Guarantee" for more details.

What options are available to finance my pool?

Most pool clients finance their project with a Home Improvement or Home Equity loan provided by most banks. If you are building a new home and adding a pool, most clients will finance all the new construction together. There are waiting periods on many loans so check with your bank so you are aware of all the details.

Can I clean my pool myself?

Upon completion of your new pool, we will give you instructions on all your pool maintenance needs. However, if you do not have the time or prefer to have someone else maintain your pool, we will refer you to a reputable company.

What kinds of warranties are available on your pools?

Hallmark Pools and Spas offers a "Lifetime" Warranty on the gunite shell & a full year warranty of all pool equipment. For more details please go to click "On-Time" Guarantee/Warranty page.

What kind of decking can I put around my new pool?

There are many choices of decking available to complement your home & new pool paradise. Rainbow rock, kool deck, flagstone, brick pavers, and stamped concrete are just to name a few of your options.

What is gunite?

Gunite is the mixture of cement/sand that is used for the shell of your pool. It is sprayed on the steel rebar lining your pool for strength.

What is plaster?

Plaster provides a water tight seal that is applied over the gunite shell & is available in a variety of colors. White is the most common color of plaster.

What is coping?

Coping is the 9" to 12" edge around your pool. Most pools are finished either with precast (safety grip), bullnose brick, or flagstone to complement the deck.

What kind of tile is available?

Hallmark Pools and Spas have a wide variety of tiles to choose from to create just the right look for your pool. If you want to make your pool stand out with style, we are able to special order tiles to meets your special needs.

How do they dig the hole for the pool?

Size of the yard & access to the pool area will determine whether a backhoe or bobcat will be used to excavate your pool.

Do I have to put up a fence once my new swimming pool is built?

Check with your Home Owner's Association; most require a fence for safety purposes in a subdivision. You may want a fence for your own protection. You may also want to check with your insurance agent.

What size are swimming pools?

With a custom designed gunite pool from Hallmark Pools and Spas, your backyard aqua paradise can be created in any shape & size to fit your needs and desires.

How much pool can I afford?

First determine how much your budget will allow and allow yourself an additional 10% above that amount in case you decide to add or change any features during the construction process. You may also want to include any additional costs for landscaping around your new pool.

How much will my electric bill increase?

Very little increase.

How much will it cost to maintain my new pool?

For the Do-it-Yourself person, the maintenance costs will run approx. $15-20 per month. We also provide monthly maintenance contracts for a reasonable fee.

Before I buy an existing house, what do I need to know if I want to put a swimming pool in after I move in?

1. Find out where your utility easement is located. Note - the necessity to move utility lines either overhead or underground will be an additional cost.
2. Check with the Homeowner's Association to ensure there are no restrictions that prevent you from installing your pool.
3. Find out where the septic system &/or any underground utilities are located.
4. Determine the ease of access, to the back yard, for heavy equipment operators.

We are building a New Home, what should we be aware of if we want to build a swimming pool?

1. See answers for question above.
2. Decide if you are financing your pool with your home or at a later date with a Home Improvement or Home Equity Loan.
3. Inform your home builder of your plans to install a pool so they can plan for enough room in your breaker box & the can locate utilities properly.
4. Decide where your pool will be situated on your property. Remember to keep in mind the location of your utility easements.

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